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Enzo & Lucia's Authentic Italian Food Dinner Menu

Antipasti - Appetizers

Bruschetta Bread 6
w/ fresh mozzarella 9
Antipasto Freddo 12
cold cuts and cheese
Prosciutto e Melone 12
Mozzarella Prosciutto 12
Formaggio & Olive 12
cheese & olives
Insalata di Pesce 16
fish salad or calamari salad
Gamberi alla Griglia 13
grilled shrimp or cock tail
Cozze Marinara 12
mussels, in a spicy red sauce
or garlic oil
restaurant favorites Italian Sausage & Peppers 13
Homemade w/ red peppers
Calamari 12
fried or grilled
Scungilli Marinara 13
conch, slightly spicy or cold salad
Polipo alla Griglia 15
grilled octopus
restaurant favoritesTutto Pesce alla Griglia 16
shrimp, octopus, and calamari grilled
Vongole in Bianco 14
a bowl of white clams in olive oil and garlic
Vongole al Forno (1/2 Dozen) 7
baked clams

Pasta con Pesce

Spaghetti Frutti di Mare 26
mixed seafood, served in red
or white sauce
Spaghetti Shrimp Marinara 24
or w/ garlic and oil
Spaghetti Scungilli 24
conch w/ marinara sauce
restaurant favorites Risotto Pescatore 24
arborio rice w/ assorted seafood
in light tomato sauce
Linguini con Cozze 22
mussels in red or white sauce
Linguini con Vongole 23
clams in red or white sauce
Linguini Calamari 23
w/ red or white sauce

Pesce - Fish

Calamari alla Griglia 23
grilled calamari or fried
Polipo alla Griglia 27
grilled octopus
restaurant favorites Tutto Pesce alla Griglia 32
grilled octopus, shrimp,
calamari and mussels
Zuppa di Pesce
assorted seafood in a light tomato
sauce w/ or w/out pasta
restaurant favorites Gamberi Francese 26
egg battered shrimp sauteed
in wine and lemon

Soups or Salads

House Salad 5
Caesar Salad 9
w/ dinner 5
Lucia Salad 9
mixed greens w/
gorgonzola cheese
w/ dinner 5
Caprese Salad 9

Minestrone Soup of the day
Cup 4 Bowl 6

Bistecca - Steak

restaurant favorites Griglia / Vesuvio 37
10oz center cut choice
filet grilled w/ mushrooms
Ribeye Steak 28
grilled with mushrooms

Vitello - Veal

Marsala 28
Piccata 28
veal sauteed w/ lemon
and capers
Saltimbocca 28
veal topped with prosciutto,
mozzarella, and spinach
Parmigiana 28
Limone 28
veal w/ lemons
restaurant favorites Enzo 28
w/ asparagus and fontina cheese
Francese 28
egg battered in lemon sauce

Pollo - Chicken

Vesuvio 18
served on the bone
Cacciatore 18
restaurant favorites Marsala 18
chicken breast sauteed w/
mushrooms and marsala wine
Saltimbocca 18
chicken topped with prosciutto,
mozzarella, and spinach
Limone 18
chicken w/ lemons
Parmigiana 18
breaded chicken breast topped
w/ sauce and mozzarella
Francese 18
egg battered in lemon sauce
Piccata 18
chicken breast sauteed
w/ lemon and capers
restaurant favorites Enzo 18
w/ asparagus and Fontina cheese
Lucia 18
egg battered w/ mushrooms
and mozzarella cheese


cheese or meat
Lasagna 15
Spaghetti Puttanesca 15
tomato, capers, and gaeta olives
restaurant favorites Enzo’s Special Gnocchi 14
made w/ real potatoes and served w/ fresh
tomato basil sauce
restaurant favorites Farfalle alla Donna 19
tomato, mascapone, onion and prosciutto
Tortellini alla Angelo 15
onion, mushroom, peas, and prosciutto
Spaghetti Carbonara 15
w/ onion, pancetta (Italian bacon) and eggs,
available w/ alfredo sauce
Fettucini Alfredo 14
w/ vegetables 16 w/ chicken or shrimp 20
Rigatoni alla Gennaro 14
baked w/ ricotta and mozzarella cheese
Side of Meatballs or Sausage 5


Sauteed Escarole 6
black olives in garlic oil
Sauteed Mushrooms 6
Sauteed Rapini 9

Vegetarian Specialties

Pasta Primavera 15
assorted vegetables in garlic and oil
Spaghetti Pomodoro 14
tomato and basil sauce
Grilled Vegetables & Risotto 17
risotto in tomato and basil sauce
Spaghetti Spinach Ricotta 15
in garlic and oil
Orecchiette con Broccoli 14
in garlic and oil
Eggplant Parmigiana 16


Soda 2
unlimited refills 4
Ice Tea or Lemonade 3
Milk 3
vitamin d or skim
Juice 3
Acqua Minerale 6
Acqua Panna 5

The “Fine Print”

• ALL DINNERS served w/ soup or house salad, side pasta or grilled vegetables.
• Enzo & Lucia are happy to accommodate any special requests.
• Substitutions and additions are subject to additional charges.
• All food is cooked to order - please allow time for preparation, especially on weekends.
• ALL entrees available gluten free - additional charge for gluten free or whole wheat pasta 2.00 side / 3.00 entree.
• Plate sharing - 4.50 additional per person served w/ soup or salad 6.50 additional per person.
• Extra ingredients on all salads additional charge.
• Tax will be added to all applicable items. Prices and product subject to change due to seasonal or unforeseen market conditions.

restaurant favorites= Restaurant Favorites