The Cavallino and Cardelli Families Welcom You To OUr Restaurant
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Enzo and Lucia's Lunch Italian Food Menu


Bruschetta Bread 6
w/ fresh mozzarella 9
Antipasto Freddo 12
cold cuts and cheese
Formaggio & Olive 12
cheese & olives
Gamberi alla Griglia 14
grilled shrimp or cocktail
Cozze Marinara 12
mussels, in a spicy red
sauce or garlic oil
Calamari 12
fried or grilled
restaurant favorites Tutto Pesce alla Griglia 16
shrimp, octopus, and
calamari grilled


(served w/ soup or house salad)

Spaghetti Pomodoro
in a light tomato basil sauce
or in garlic oil
cheese or meat
Fettuccine Alfredo
Baked Penne
Spaghetti Puttanesca
tomato, capers, and kalamata olives
Spaghetti Carbonara 12
w/ onion, pancetta (Italian bacon)
and eggs, available w/ alfredo sauce
restaurant favorites Enzo’s Special Gnocchi 12
made w/ real potatoes and served
w/ fresh tomato basil sauce
Spaghetti Shrimp Marinara
or w/ garlic and oil
Linguini con Cozze
mussels in red or white sauce
Grilled Vegetables & Risotto
in a light tomato basil sauce
Eggplant Parmigiana 12

Soups or Salads

House Salad 5
w/ soup 9
Caprese Salad 9
Caesar Salad 9
w/ entree 5
w/ chicken 12
w/ shrimp and red peppers 14
Lucia Salad 9
w/ entree 5
mixed greens w/ gorgonzola cheese
Tomato & Onion Salad 9
Tuna Salad 10
stuffed tomato w/ tuna

Pollo - Chicken

(served w/ soup or house salad
& pasta or grilled vegetables)

Vesuvio 13
served on the bone
Marsala 12
chicken breast sauteed w/
mushrooms and marsala wine
Limone 12
chicken w/ lemons
Tetrazzini 12
alfredo sauce w/ pasta,
mushrooms and onion
Parmigiana 12
breaded chicken breast topped
w/ sauce and mozzarella
restaurant favorites Enzo 12
w/ asparagus and Fontina cheese


(served w/ fries)

Panino Verdure 10
grilled vegetable sandwich
Caprese 10
Sausage & Pepper 10
Pollo Parmigiana 10
Prosciutto e Mozzarella 10
Pepper & Egg 10
Meatball 10


Rib Eye Steak 18
grilled with mushrooms

(served w/ soup or house salad &
pasta, or grilled vegetables)

Vitello - Veal

(served w/ soup or house salad &
pasta, or grilled vegetables)

Marsala 13
Parmigiana 13
Limone 13
veal w/ lemons
restaurant favorites Enzo 13
w/ asparagus and fontina cheese


Soda 2
unlimited refills 4
Ice Tea or Lemonade 3
Milk 3
vitamin d or skim
Juice 3
Acqua Minerale 6
Acqua Panna 5

The “Fine Print”

Enzo & Lucia are happy to accommodate any special requests.
• Substitutions and additions are subject to additional charges
• All food is cooked to order - please allow time for preparation, especially on weekends.
• ALL entrees available gluten free - additional charge for gluten free or whole wheat pasta
2.00 side / 3.00 entree
• Plate sharing - 4.50 additional per person served w/ soup or salad 6.50 additional per person
• Extra ingredients on all salads additional charge
• Tax will be added to all applicable items. Prices and product subject to change due to seasonal
or unforeseen market conditions.
restaurant favorites= Restaurant Favorites